EDT has introduced a new series of touch panel products ranging from 10,1"-15", we call it the ML13 series. This series features high EMC level* and wet environments with thick cover lens using the same firmware.

With the increasing demands from the market, the segment that this product targets on is to provide protection and safety for security system, industrial application and outdoor products. For this standard product series, you can choose between USB or I2C for the interface and it can support all the mainstream operating systems. It also pass the certification of other operating systems.

* IEC-6100-4-6 level 3 and IEC-6100-4-3 30V/m with frequency range from 80M to 2500MHz.

  • Supports max. 5mm Glass Cover lens
  • EMC(CS/RS) 10V/30V
  • Good Base for Custom and Semi-Custom Designs
  • Operating Temperature range -30℃ ~ 80℃
  • Choice of USB or I2C

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Edt Ml13 Series Touch Function