Panel för brand, funkar med handskar och vid väta

Control panel that facilitates the work of fire personnel

Floby Rescue AB manufactures customized rescue and extinguishing vehicles for a Scandinavian climate. The company’s vehicles save lives, the environment and property. An important goal is also to make the working environment safer for all the people who work to put out fires. The business idea is based on the company’s customers always getting the highest quality with the latest technology. Floby Rescue solves this by constructing innovative functions themselves, but also by choosing the best products on the market and integrating these into the company’s vehicles. One such product is a new control panel developed under Martinsson’s leadership that collects important critical information in firefighting and rescue vehicles.


Customer profile

Floby Rescue AB was founded as early as 1918. During the 1930s and 1940s, the business was expanded to also include fire trucks. Over the years, the company’s extinguishing and rescue vehicles have gained a strong market position and Floby Rescue is today one of the market’s leading suppliers. An important part of the business idea is to offer customers long-term security through optimal solutions in terms of price and performance. The ambition is to deliver the market’s most qualitative, safe and durable rescue and extinguishing vehicles.

Customer request

Traditionally, functions such as the pump motor, water supply and lighting have been controlled via a control panel with physical buttons on the back of the vehicles. Floby Rescue wanted to replace this solution with a modern control panel with touch screen technology. This is to make it easier for the rescue personnel and give them a better overview of the stressful situations that can arise in emergency situations. A more modern panel would also enable the company to offer new additional services such as support functions, diagnostics, etc.


Martinsson was commissioned to develop the new panel together with the graphic partner Republic, which is a digital design agency. The first step in the project was to categorize the menu choices so that it became a so-called event-based system where the rescue personnel start by choosing the mission type. After the selection, only the functions that need to be accessed are displayed. An important part of the assignment was to create an intuitive and clear user interface that enables navigation with gloves. High priority also had the ability to display all critical information in one and the same place regardless of the nature of the assignment.


A completely new type of control panel where the development team, among other things, drew inspiration from the environment in an aeroplane cockpit. When multiple alerts occur in these systems, an automatic selection takes place where less critical information is suppressed to minimize stress. Instead, the most important information is made clear, and this also happens with Floby Rescue’s control panel. For the fire personnel, this means that they quickly get an overview when it comes to pumping pressure, the amount of water in the fire truck’s tank and the amount of foam liquid. The intuitive interface also helps to facilitate work in situations where every second can be critical.

"The interest in the new panel was amazing and very positive. Everyone who saw the panel and tried it was very impressed with how easy it is to use and how quickly you learn how the panel works"
/technical director at Sveba Dahlén

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