Tiltrotator display - touch display för Rototilts excavator

Tiltrotator display solution for excavators

The goal with this project was to create opportunities for the excavator operator to do more with smart solutions. One such solution with the tiltrotator is the control system RC™ System. The tiltrotator´s touch display is an important part of the system.

Rototilt® wanted to replace an older display with a more modern and larger industrial tiltrotator display with a touch function, and with a more user-friendly interface.

The development assignment went to Martinsson.

Rototilt® on every excavator

The Rototilt Group, a Swedish company located in Vindeln, northern Sweden, is a top player in the market for tiltrotators. Rototilt has developed into an international group with subsidiaries in Norway, Finland, England, Germany and North America. The company was founded in the 1950s and the first tiltrotator with the Rototilt® brand was launched in 1986.

Their goal is straightforward: to have a Rototilt® on every excavator. The company’s success is due to its commitment to developing products and processes that prioritize the excavator operator. They have achieved this success through persistent and deliberate efforts over time. The company’s triumphs can be attributed to its unwavering commitment to creating products and processes that prioritize the excavator operator. Their dedication and deliberate efforts over time have earned them the success they enjoy today.

Tiltrotator display - Industrial tiltrotator touch display for excavators

Customer request

Rototilt aims to use the latest technology in the excavator’s cab. They have achieved this by introducing the RC™ System control system and the new 4.3-inch industrial tiltrotator touch display developed and manufactured by Martinsson. The new tiltrotator display is larger than its predecessor and has a modern user interface. It is also designed to be robust and shockproof to withstand the harsh environment of an excavator cab. Rototilt prioritizes technology upgrades to enhance the user experience for its customers.


The design of an industrial tiltrotator touch display was challenging due to the requirement picture and component shortages caused by the pandemic. The goal was to create a display that aligned with Rototilt’s updated control system, featuring a user-friendly interface and safety regulations. Despite global component shortages, the new display was successfully presented at the Bauma trade fair in Germany in 2022.


Rototilt’s latest control system, RC™ System, is their most innovative yet. It combines with a new touch display to create a total solution that can handle the toughest demands in technology, operation, and user-friendliness. The display’s easy-to-use interface simplifies operation, and it contains new features that are adapted to future excavators and tasks. The auto-calibration feature allows for quick and efficient installation, and the display has built-in lock management buttons, making it possible to use SecureLock™ with just two button commands. SecureLock™ is Rototilt’s award-winning security lock for machine attachment and tiltrotator.

How it works:
Industrial tiltrotator touch display for excavators

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