4.3 inch touch display for excavators

The Swedish company Rototilt Group in Vindeln, northern Sweden, is one of the world’s leading companies in the product segment tiltrotators. The company’s vision is as simple as it is obvious – Rototilt® on every excavator. Rototilt is an expansive company whose success is based on a long-term and purposeful development of products and processes where the excavator operator is always in focus. The goal is to create opportunities for the excavator operator to do more with smart solutions. One such solution is the control system RC™ System. The touch display is an important part of the system. Rototilt wanted to replace an older display with a more modern and larger touch display, and with a more user-friendly interface. The development assignment went to Martinsson.

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Rototilt has developed into an international group with subsidiaries in Norway, Finland, England, Germany and North America. The company was founded in the 1950s and the first tiltrotator with the Rototilt® brand was launched in 1986. Rototilt’s vision is to be a global player and change an entire industry. They want to do it by pushing the boundaries of what is possible to achieve with an excavator. The company has come a long way in its work to realize the vision.

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Rototilt’s goal is to always implement the absolute latest technology in the excavator’s cab. This has also been done with the RC™ System control system and the new 4.3 inch touch display developed and manufactured by Martinsson. An important requirement was that the new display should be significantly larger than its predecessor, and Rototilt also desired a more modern user interface. In addition, the display would be provided with a robust and shockproof mechanism to cope with the often harsh environment of an excavator cab.


The requirement picture in itself was a challenge, but so were also the problems with component shortages that arose as a result of the pandemic. An important goal was to design a touch display that is in line with Rototilt’s updated control system in terms of self-intuitive user interface and safety regulations. Despite the global component shortage, the new display was able to be presented at the major trade fair Bauma in Germany in 2022.


RC™ System is Rototilt’s most innovative control system ever. In combination with the new touch display, a total solution has been created that meets the toughest demands on technology, operability and user-friendliness. The display’s user-friendly interface simplifies operation and the new features also include new functions adapted to the excavators and tasks of the future. Auto-calibration allows for quick and efficient installation, and with the display’s built-in lock management buttons, it’s possible to use SecureLock™ with just two button commands. SecureLock™ is Rototilt’s award-winning security lock for machine attachment and tiltrotator.

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