Touch working with water

You have probably noticed that the tiniest bit of sweat or just one raindrop makes your touchscreen go bonkers.
But how to solve it?

A touch controller that can detect water on the screen and ignore it. Yes, it is possible!

Even detect and track your finger flawlessly with a thick glove and when your screen is covered in water. We show you how, and help you find a suitable solution regardless of the environment.

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Capacitive touch screen technology may seem like magic, but here is how it works. When a finger touches the screen a tiny electrical charge is transferred to the finger and completes the circuit, this creates an electrical change at that point on the screen signaling the software to make the action happen such as like typing, or opening an app.

The problem is that water may also conduct electricity just like your finger. Even small amounts of moisture, such as a drop of sweat or rain, may provide another channel for the electricity. Capacitive touchscreens may view excess moisture, or a drop of water, the same way it does a finger touch. Causing the screen to register a “touch” wherever moisture is present.

The solution is a touch controller that can detect water on the screen and ignore it. With over 80db sensitivity, over 100 times as sensitive as the nearest competitor, this type of touch controller also provides the option of pressure sensing for e.g. two-stage, loose or hard pressure, as well as non-contact touch and haptic feedback.

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