Displays with High-Quality SDI

Here is where to start when you need monitoring of high-quality SDI digital video interface.





SDI Display with precise imagery

We provide monitors from 10-inch to 32-inch with a 12G-SDI digital video interface which allows for the full, stable transmission of display signals across a single cable up to a distance of 150 meters. As an uncompressed, unencrypted video interface, the 12G-SDI offers 4 times the bandwidth of 3G-SDI. The importance of this interface within the healthcare industry is to ensure the precise imagery remains unchanged from the video source to the display and allows users to have the most accurate imaging.

Available in medical version

All products in this series have projective capacitive multitouch and an integrated ambient light sensor that allows for automatic brightness adjustment. The larger size is available in a medical version, with IEC 60601-1, 60601-1-6 and EN60601-1-2 certification. With antimicrobial coating and ultra-high 4K resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels) this monitor achieves crystal clear surgical images or videos for use in endoscopy and operating rooms.


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