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Our manufacturing partner has over 40 years of experience in electronics assembly, backed up by a team of multifunctional, trained team of experts. They developed and continuously expand their manufacturing capabilities. Being a contract manufacturer specializing in the integration of complex products and building sophisticated supply chains for such projects. They have developed a set of unique, practical solutions that allow us to effectively help our customers to meet their goals.

Our partner continuously invests in new technologies, as well as the development of integrated software solutions allowing precise visibility of all production processes, including material management and order fulfilment. Material security, accurate delivery schedule, and a high standard of workmanship maintain core elements of the production system.


We have experience in electronics production in everything from complex PCBA with low series to high volume production of display modules and control systems. Together with our competent partner, we manufacture high-quality products with low complaint rates.


ISO 9001 (Quality)
ISO 14001 (Environmental)
ISO 13485 (Medical)
ISO 22301 (Business Continuity)


PCBA: IPC-A-610 Class 2&3
Cable Harnesses: IPC-A-620
Bare PCB: IPC-A-600
Rework: IPC 7711/7721


With over five decades in the electronic industry, we know what matters when launchig new products.

A truly well-implemented industrialization process is a combination of speed and double-checking of all key elements. Predictability, high quality and flexibility are key to getting your product fully functional and on time to market.

We understand that there is no room for error. After all, your investment starts to pay off when your product is available in the market. Our production team works with your dedicated project manager to design a clear NPI plan to manage your product launch on time. To eliminate delays, we ensure that all your performance requirements are defined in advance and that potential obstacles are resolved together.


Our strong sourcing and procurement team works with sources all over the world. All with a focus on ensuring that we have the right costs for the right quality.
All customers use our building blocks with the same base of components. This means that all our customers benefit from each other’s total volume of components and in the end a better price. We also have direct support from serveral manufacturer of critical components to asure the best possible price.

Our price policy is
Our customer shall have the best possible price to the agreed quality level.

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Connect with our Supply Chain Director, David Scheling and we will se to your needs.

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