Displays with maXTouch® touch controller

Displays with maXTouch® touchscreen controllers use unique and patented sensing algorithms for robust and reliable touch operation in the most challenging environments. With excellent immunity to water and electromagnetic noise and the ability to detect touch through thick gloves or front panels, these touchscreen controllers are well suited for touch Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs) in automotive, home appliance, point-of-sale, medical and industrial applications.


  • Patented Noise Immunity-algorithms to Conducted and Display-noise
  • Glove support for Multi-finger and Thick glove
  • Water Operation in Rain and with Saltwater
  • Moisture Immunity
  • Thick Cover Lens-support
  • Real-time Sensor Diagnostics
”Our customers' products are often intended to be used in harsh environments. A really demanding environment is milk robots, standing close to cows in barns. maxTouch® touch controller does this really well.”
Henrik Leon Development Director
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