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The world's best oven panel for baking ovens

Together with Sveba Dahlén, Martinsson has developed a completely new type of oven panel for professional baking ovens. Sveba Dahlén is a global company in bakery equipment. The market position is very strong and the products maintain a high premium quality.

The company’s philosophy is that the oven space is the heart of the ovens and that the oven panels are its brain. The project together with Martinsson had an obvious goal; the development would result in the world’s best oven panel.

Industriell panel för ugn

Customer profile

The Swedish company Sveba Dahlén has for more than 70 years supplied complete solutions to cafes, small and large bakeries, industrial bakeries, hotels, pizzerias and restaurants. The company are specialists in all types of bakery machines and through subsidiaries and distributors the products are represented in more than 100 countries.

Customer request

Sveba Dahlén’s requirements for oven panels are that they must be user-friendly, smart and equipped with intelligent control functions that are adapted to both the baker and the bakery. The control panels should also help reduce the bakery’s total cost and keep energy consumption down. Very high demands are placed on the panels. With the new oven panel developed together with Martinsson, Sveba Dahlén wants to mark a new level of user-friendliness, smart control of bakery processes and smooth and cost-effective integration into the company’s broad product range.


The development project had several important objectives and also challenges. The user interface would be easy to learn and very easy to use. In principle, anyone should be able to start the baking process. In combination with an intelligent control system, it must also be possible to gradually develop both work routines and the expertise of the bakery staff. Important requirements were also that the modules should be easy to install, complete and develop according to the process DFM, Design For Manufacturing. DFM optimizes the design based on requirements for low production and installation costs.


Sveba Dahlén’s baking ovens today have a display module that meets all the requirements that can be placed on the world’s best oven panel. The panel is based on Martinsson’s scalable development platform based on RISC processors. The panel’s screen, from Kyocera, is glass/glass (resistive technology) for optimal durability and the screen has very good viewing angles. The joint project has been conducted according to an agile development model, which enabled the implementation of functions in the software that not only met but also exceeded the customer’s expectations.

How it works:
The world’s best oven panel

"The interest in the new panel was amazing and very positive. Everyone who saw the panel and tried it was very impressed with how easy it is to use and how quickly you learn how the panel works"
/technical director at Sveba Dahlén

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