Our Business model makes us the top Nordic supplier of customized displays, HMI and machine control systems



A business model that gives great customer value

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is a comprehensive estimate of the costs associated with acquiring, operating, and disposing of a product or system over its entire life cycle. By using us as the product owner for your Tailor-made HMI or display solution you can quickly reduce your Total Cost of Ownership. Our business model includes Industrial Design, Product Development, Production, Distribution and Product Maintenance.

Our business model and ecosystem consisting of building blocks and functions will also give you minimal development time, lower development costs, less risk and a shorter time to market.

By using the same building blocks and essential components as for other customers, your product will be a part of a higher volume, leading to a better price.

These are just some of the benefits our customers get when they use our full potential.


Partner to Nordic industry for more than five decades

For over five decades, Martinsson has provided Nordic industry with successful electronics. All with very different requirements and needs, but we can probably say that we have delivered electronic products to all industry segment over the years.

Something that we have learned from various industries and branches is that customers think they have unique requirements.

Many customers who need Display solutions and HMIs often have the same requirements. There are of course functions and characteristics to be fulfilled depending on the environment and application in which the solution will operate. The requirements can also be different based on regulatory and certification requirements, but very often customers have the same, or very similar needs.

”Therefore we belive that we can probably satisfy the most customers and industries.”

Award-winning design & solutions

We create award-winning solutions in close collaboration with partners for industrial design. Our methodology incorporates both physical and digital UX, which ensures a product of excellent quality.

By understanding the user and its intended context, we specify displays which enhance the critical functions of the product. Our collaborative partners have years of experience with both B2B and B2C products and excel at analysing brands to incorporate recognizable factors such as form language and colour identity.

This strategic design results in both award-winning products and strengthened brands through every new product release.


Smarter Development with MARTINSSON E·CORE

Get a flying start with MARTINSSON E·CORE, an ecosystem of platforms and functions which reduce the risk and cost of advanced electronics development. The core is STM and ARM with Linux, RTOS, QT and TouchGFX. But also different kind of radio and battery functions is part of our fully developed and field-tested functions. Depending on requirements, functionality and scalability, we choose the suitable building blocks for your application.

This means that your new product gets already field-tested technology at a minimal development cost, low risk and fast time-to-market.


High-quality & sustainable manufacturing

Our focus is not manufacturing – Our focus is the result of manufacturing.

We use partners to manufacture our display modules and control systems. Based on the high demands we have on manufacturing and industrialization, we get deeply involved in our production partners’ processes and can guarantee that your product will be produced with the best quality and with sustainability in focus.


Distribution with precision globaly

We have been distributing electronics to manufacturing facilities for over 50 years and have made deliveries all over the globe. We know the importance of being able to deliver on time and to the right place. To succeed in this, we work closely with our customers where the basis is forecasts and delivery planning.

With good delivery planning, we can also choose environmentally friendly transport, which helps to reduce our environmental impact.

Life cycle management

Product design, development, manufacturing and distribution are just one aspect of taking a new product to market. Once a new product hits the market the maintenance phase starts. Fine-tuning of manufacturing as production, assembly, testing, and packaging is some part but most of the product maintenance is based on changed customer requirements, component shortage or end of life. With over 50 years of experience in the electronics industry and with your brand’s success in focus, we maintain the product throughout its lifetime.