Air Quality Sensor for world-class indoor climate

Air quality sensor for world-class indoor climate

The Swedish company Swegon has “Feel good inside” as a collective concept for how to take a comprehensive approach to indoor environments. Swegon has a complete range of products and solutions to create a good indoor climate. From large air handling units to small room sensors and sensors that measure air quality, temperature and humidity. When one of the company’s sensors approached End of Life, Martinsson was commissioned to develop and manufacture a new sensor. The sensor has a key function in Swegon’s solution for VOC regulation (VOC, Volatile Organic Compounds).

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Swegon is a market-leading supplier in the area of indoor climate. The company offers solutions for ventilation, heating, cooling and climate optimization as well as connected services and technical expertise. Swegon has subsidiaries and distributors worldwide and 19 production units in Europe, North America and India.

Customer request

Swegon’s installed products and solutions deliver world-class indoor climates. Often over several decades. To achieve this, the products must be flexible, smart, easy to use, economical and of course of the highest quality. The same requirements were also placed on the air quality sensor Martinson was commissioned to develop.


To develop and manufacture a customized sensor solution with a compatible interface that could directly replace the previous sensor that has gone End Of Life. The quality requirements are very high as the air quality sensor forms an important part of Swegon’s complete system for a perfect and need-based indoor climate.


Based on Martinson’s RISC platform and sensor technology, the new sensor was developed in an efficient project conducted according to the agile development model. Martinsson manufactures and delivers the sensor directly to Swegon’s manufacturing unit. With the new sensor, Swegon’s system can regulate the indoor climate from the VOC level, where both CO2 levels and the possible pollutants that should be ventilated out of a room or property are taken into account.

The Product works according to our expectations and meets the requirments we set.
Says R&D engineer at Swegon.

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