Encoder with built-in Display

An intuitive and robust Human-Machine-Interface (HMI). High quality Rotary Encoder combined with a clear and bright display makes a very userfriendly way to operate your device. Interaction by turning and pushing is long proven technology. With an integrated display the user receives not only mechanical feedback, but also visual. The intuitive handling makes no further explanation necessary.

As a magnetic 2-bit incremental rotary encoder, the model 582 is available with different operating forces for the turn and push function. A selection of different displays and options, such as indirect ring lighting, allow you to design an attractive solution for your application. Furthermore, modern interfaces such as RFID, WiFi or Bluetooth are available. Due to the robust and sealed (up to IP67) mechanical design, the Display-Encoder allows use in heavy industrial environment.

  • Magnetic 2-bit encoder
  • 1,28” or 2,1” display
  • 32 positions
  • Push-Function
  • USB C interface
  • IP67 or IP63


  • Bluetooth/WiFi
  • Indirect illumination (Corona-Effekt)


Need a unique twist?

The operation ring can be adjusted to your needs; material, shape and colour. Also various torques and two-stage push function can be implemented.

Display Encoder Product flyer


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