Display modules for a new generation of heat pumps

The company Thermia is usually described as the pioneer in heat pumps. Thermia develops, produces and markets heat pump systems for heating, hot water and cooling. Ever since the start in 1923, the continuous development of new and smart solutions runs like a common thread through the company’s operations. Thermia is constantly striving to improve every single part of the heat pump technology. One example is the display modules with an integrated control system developed together with Martinsson.

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Thermia is one of the leading players in the Swedish heat pump market. The company also has a strong position in the European market. Over the years, Thermia has constantly driven development forward and presented a long series of ground-breaking innovations. In 1993, the company launches the first heat pump with all units gathered in one module. The innovations have since followed each other in a steady stream.

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One of Thermia’s latest innovations is a display and control system that is mounted as a complete module on the front of Thermia’s heat pumps. Thermia chose Martinssons for the development process, where the wish was the design a more modern user interface in combination with an efficient control system. All are packaged in a complete and easy-to-install module.


An important goal for the development project, which was carried out efficiently according to Martinsson’s agile development model, was to achieve a low product and assembly cost. After simple installation and quick testing, the modules would be ready to use. An important requirement was also that the control system should be designed to be integrated into a digital infrastructure using cloud services for the collection and analysis of data.


Thermia’s vision is to always be one step ahead and develop tomorrow’s heating solutions. With the new display modules, the company is also at the forefront when it comes to ease of use and smart control. The module concept is based on Martinsson’s RISC platforms and the display’s screen is equipped with the technology for PCAP, Projective Capacitive Touch Screen, with a cover lens in front of the display. The technology makes the screen resistant to dust, moisture, grease and other contaminants.

"With Martinsson's expertise in display solutions and machine control system, we have together created fantastic results."
says Thermia Development Manager

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