ODM platform based on ST Micro microprocessor family MP2

MERISC-STM32MP2 - Linux ODM platform

MERISC-STM32MP2 is based on the new, 64-bit microprocessor family STM32MP2 from ST with Arm Cortex-A32 and NPU. This industrial ODM platform offers low risc and fast time-to-market. Intended for next generation of display solution, HMI or connected solutions with multimedia ambitions.

✓  Fast time-to-market
✓  Ai capabilities
✓  Extensive Connectivity
✓  Solid Graphics ability
✓  Carefree PLM
✓  Long Availability


The MERISC-STM32MP2 is available for evaluation with different sizes of displays.

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Technical Features


  • 64-bit Arm Cortex-A35 up to 1,5 GHz
    (6,000 DMIPS)
  • Neural processing unit
    (up to 1,35 TFLOPS)
  • 1080p graphics capabilities
    (3D GPU & H.264 codec)
  • Cellular, Wifi and Bluetooth radio
  • Strong ecosystem and Software tools
    (Yocto/OpenSTLinux, STM32 Cube etc.)
  • Strong security
    (SESIP Level 3, TrustZone, Robust HW encryption)



Martinsson e-core


Our ecosystem

Through our platforms, we can reduce the cost of advanced electronics development. Depending on requirements, functionality and scalability, we select platform and building blocks from our ecosystem that are optimal for your application. This means that your product always gets the latest technology at a minimal development cost. We call it MARTINSSON E·CORE.

Furthermore, we manage and take responsibility for the need of changes and additions during the product’s entire life cycle. This means a low total cost or ownership and carefree existence for You.

  • LOW RISC – Already developed
  • FAST – Time-to-Market
  • HIGH QUALITY – Field proven in several applications
  • CAREFREE – Product Livecycle Management is included

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