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Heat Pump

Displays are seen as the single most crucial part of a product by more and more people since they create a lasting impression.

A user expects a display which is easy to understand and navigate. In day-to-day life, consumers meet products where manufacturers have invested considerable resources in the development of user interfaces for displays. This means the expectations are high – both from the software developers behind the interface and the user who interacts with it.

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With a clear vision of creating a display with a premium feel, the choice of cover lens became important as it´s the first thing you direct your eyes towards when you see the heat pump. The thickness, size, shape, light transparency and branding of the glass are important in creating a display solution that aligns with the company’s design strategy.

In most cases, the display is crucial in creating the best user experience. How it works together with the application becomes most important. Size, resolution, brightness, and readability are just a few aspects that become important to achieve the best user experience. Other elements such as producibility over time, price and quality are crucial to support a product that may live for 30 years.

Product manufacturers want to develop products that are prepared for future upselling of various services. Therefore, it becomes important to take tomorrow’s business model into account when developing today’s solutions. Being able to monitor products in the field via the cloud facilitates service is one thing. But it also creates great opportunities to launch new services to all users at the same time. Customers use Martinsson’s building blocks to create the necessary electronics and software.

High-End Medical X-Ray

Competing with multinational giants requires a strong vision, courage and good collaboration. With a clear vision to set a new user-friendliness and award-winning design standard, Martinsson developed a new generation HMI for digital X-ray systems. By combining modern looks with high ergonomics and ease of use, we improve and ensure both patient care and working conditions for the user. With hindsight, – much-increased competitiveness enables our customers to reach further.

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With a clear vision to set a new user-friendliness and award-winning design standard, Martinsson was engaged and set off with user studies. It resulted in some design proposals of a free-flowing and edgeless touch display and an overall ergonomic design. For the best possible user-friendliness, frequently used functions are found on separate buttons and clear visual feedback that can be perceived from a distance is implemented.

The embedded computer and control system was designed based on Martinsson’s already existing building blocks, lowering risk and time-to-market. Important for this design was the long availability as well as flexibility for future pin-compatible performance upgrades. As a medical device, the emc/emi needed to be considered to pass the regulatory requirements.

With the clear vision to set a new standard within medical X-ray systems, we teamed up with electrical and GUI design, as well as industrial design. The transparent and holistic way of working with the customer resulted in excellent user-friendliness and winner of the Good-Design Award 2021, and most importantly, a pleased customer with increased competitiveness.

Excavation system

Demands for new technology, operability and user-friendliness are growing ever higher. At the same time, there is an increasing need for more advanced control systems that can be integrated with the machine’s excavation system. The display has been provided with a user-friendly interface for easy operation, as well as new functions adapted for the excavators and jobs of the future. Auto-calibration enables fast and efficient installation, and the display’s built-in lock operation buttons allow you to operate SecureLock™ with just two keystrokes.

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To create the best user experience in the excavator cab, we choose an Optical bonded 4.3″ IPS panel to simplify readability in sunlight from all angles. To ensure that the display can withstand ambient temperatures we selected a display with extended temp.

MARTINSSON E•CORE is an ecosystem of building blocks that can be used in all kinds of applications. In order to be able to launch the product quickly, we started from an existing platform, which reduced the entire development time and the product was launched on time.

The enclosure was designed for easy installation and has a shock-resistant casing. And with just two keystrokes you allow to operate  SecureLock™ to ensure the correct coupling of tools.

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