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Stefan Hallqvist Business Dev. Manager +46 (0) 8 744 79 18
Anita Herlitz Business Dev. Manager +46 (0) 8 744 79 37
Torbjörn Karlsson Business Dev. Manager +46 (0) 31 93 91 63
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Daniel Aspeskär Product and Marketing Manager +46 (0) 31 93 91 25
Bengt Lundell Sales & Marketing Director +46 (0) 31 93 91 22

Our Customer Development team

We manage the entire logistics process, forecasts, orders, purchases and deliveries. The goal is to minimize waste, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction through the optimization of the entire supply chain process.

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Our Strategic Sourcing Team

In order to meet our expectations in terms of quality and pricing, we work closely with our suppliers to ensure stable supply chain.

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Our Development Team

We create user interfaces, HMI and control systems optimized for function, design and manufacturability. Our overall focus is total cost, ie the cost of the products life cycle. The goal is to develop solutions that create competitive advantages for our customers.

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