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Sensirion's humidity and temperature sensors have established themselves as the market standard due to their best-in-class performance, high reliability and miniaturized form factor.

The SHT1x was the first digital, calibrated, reflow-solderable humidity sensor (launched in 2001) and marked the beginning of a new category of humidity sensors.

Sensirion's latest product innovations have set the market standard and opened up a wide range of new applications. Sensirion's humidity and temperature as well as temperature-only products are based on Sensirion's CMOSens® Technology, which combines the strengths of standard CMOS production processes and advanced MEMS technology on a single silicon chip.

The temperature sensors are based on a silicon bandgap temperature sensor principle. The humidity is sensed using a capacitor. Its dielectric is realized through a polymer, which absorbs or desorbs water depending on the ambient humidity. The electrodes are realized with an interdigitated electrode structure.

Our in-house sensor calibration and testing infrastructure enables effective procedures that comply with established quality standards. Each sensor is individually calibrated and tested for quality and accuracy. The high reliability of the sensors has been proven over the past 10 years by the millions of sensors in the field. Additionally, the reliability is demonstrated by a successful qualification based on the AEC-Q100 automotive standard.


Humidity and temperature significantly affect personal health and comfort; thus, measurement of humidity and temperature in this context can improve personal well-being. Applications include humidifiers, baby monitors and home care respiratory equipment.


Humidity and temperature influence the quality and reliability of numerous processes. Humidity and temperature can help improve quality and reliability of such processes. Applications include logistics of sensitive goods, humidity sensing in printers and water intrusion detection in critical electronic devices.


Measurement of humidity and temperature can help optimize processes and thus save energy and costs. Applications include automotive engine control, smart condensation control for refrigerators and optimization of A/C cooling cycles.


Humidity and temperature may influence the safety of a system, a process or a person; thus, humidity and temperature measurement can help ensure their safety. Applications include automotive windshield anti-fogging, water intrusion detection in battery packs and building supervision for insurance purposes.

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