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MARTINSSON E·CORE is an ecosystem of platforms, functions and standardized products that can be used in many different applications. The core is STM and ARM with Linux, RTOS, QT and TouchGFX.


We continuously evaluate technology and performance

There are many parts that must interact to achieve a fantastic user experience. The hardware you choose must have the right performance and offer the right software support. Display and touch must be chosen with care to achieve the desired user experience.

What kind of platform should we have?

Which platform suits a project best depends on the requirements of the application. Playback of HD video, connected web applications and classic user interfaces all place different demands on the interaction between hardware and software. Choosing a platform with poor functional support or poor performance quickly becomes costly. Therefore, we continuously work to develop and evaluate complete application platforms; tested and evaluated against practical applications.


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Our platforms

In order to offer the greatest possible flexibility depending on a project’s requirements, we work in close collaboration with leading suppliers of ARM and x86-based processors. Application and volume determine whether a modular (eg SMARC) or single-board solution (SBC) is the best fit. The degree of maturity of the platform determines its prerequisites for stability and functionality. Therefore, it is important to take this into account when choosing a product platform.

Here will MARTINSSON E·CORE be presented with platforms, building blocks and functions, however, this presentation is under construction but will soon be visible.

Linux and open source

In order to focus on user experience and our customers’ applications, we have chosen to base all our standard platformson open source software. By working with Martinsson you simply take part of a very complete high quality software.

Our Linux system based on the Yocto and allows us to deliver modern and custom distributions designed for our customers’ requirements.

Efficient building systems

Through our development system, we work with automated publishing and testing of the software we produce. A modular project structure ensures that we maximize code reuse and minimize errors. Tests are done on both unit and functional levels (see below). All this means that we can easily keep a close eye on quality.

We offer close collaboration with our customers by sharing code with git.

Application code optimized for the hardware

Whether the choice is a web server, database, GUI framework or browser, it always pays to choose the components and methods based on system conditions. This is especially true for embedded products that have high demands on cost and stability.

We at Martinsson have extensive experience in developing products under these conditions.

With the test in focus: automated functional testing

For projects with high demands on quality and verification, we offer a complete testing environment designed specifically to test the entire product, including hardware and software.

Our script based system makes it easy to test products in all phases without having to spend time on the details. For mature products, the system ensures that maintenance and extended functionality not get unwanted effects (regression tests). For products under development will help the system developer to validate their work continuously (function tests).

Do you want to know more about MARTINSSON E·CORE?

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