Sensors gain more importance in today's modern society.

A sensor detects and communicates an event. Our five senses are often the basis for various sensors.

Users are placing ever greater demands on the products and aid that we surround ourselves with. We expect more information, less maintenance, high quality, and automatic upgrades. Ideally, the maintenance and replacement occur before the product is broken or not working properly. To make this possible we require more intelligence and sensors.

Competitive advantages of preventive maintenance, remote support, continuous upgrades are becoming increasingly common requirement in the development process of our customers.

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We help you choose the right technology

Analysis of your needs is the basis for choosing the right technology and the type of sensor. Application, characteristics and the environment are some of the questions we need to answer in order to offer the right solution. The technology used in the sensor is often far different from the functionality the sensor can deliver. We have, together with a number of strategic partners built a team where we discuss different technologies to meet your needs. Samples and prototypes are often the basis for qualifying technology.

The requirments often ends up in a customized solution

We customize or develop sensor for your needs with the help of our suppliers and our own development department, which has expertise in both hardware and software. We can also assemble and refine the product to make it suitable for integration into your product.

Contact us about your sensor needs and we will present choises of technology in standard product or if required a customized sensor to offer you an optimized and cost effective solution. Our focus is on the TCO where we look at the total cost ie the cost of the procurement process, need for processing, assembly, product life cycle and the aftermarket.

We provide sensors to detect acceleration, distance, flow, humidity, color, light, tilt, state, position, rotation, motion, impact, temperature, pressure, angle, vibration, fluid and thunderstorms.

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Do you have questions about sensors

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