Displays are seen as the single most important part of a product by more and more people, since it is the part that creates a remaining impression of the product.

A user expects a display that is easy to understand and navigate. In everyday life, consumers meet products where manufacturers have invested considerable resources in the development of user interface for displays. This results in expectations from the end user, also for professional products.

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We help you choose the right display

Analysis of your requirments is the basis for choosing correct. Application, product life cycle and optical performance are some of the questions we need answers on in order to offer the right solution. A display is not just a specification, it must be visually evaluated. We can easily demonstrate display in your environment.

Just a specification?

This means that developers are forced to redefine how we measure performance. Where we previously focused on the technical specification must be greater emphasis on the functional possibilities. To end product to be really good, the choice of display expanded to include functions.
A vision based on the product, user's needs and preferences must be created and then broken down into functions, and finally in a technical specification. To conduct a feasibility study with a focus on the graphics, "wireframes" and the end user provides early information about any platform, screen size and other display characteristics required to produce the product.

What resources are required?
Need to bring in partners?
What are the core values of the company?
Is it important to product maintenance is managed within the company?
How involved you want to be in the development process?

These are questions that must be raised at an early stage if you do not want to be controlled by the subjective choice of technology. Only when you see the display in its context can the right decision be made.
Martinsson offer various forms of cooperation covering full range of necessary profiles. It is our job to constantly re-evaluate operations and processes, so that customers can focus on what provides the most value in the product. Our long experience of display solutions enable customers to focus on their core business.

Display market

There are several manufacturers of display elements, mainly represented in the Far East. Each manufacturer has its own specific direction and market focus. These manufactures can simply be divide into three categories.

  • Consumer products with high volumes
  • Automotive and industrial applications with high demands
  • General industrial display solutions and applications

The importance lies in choosing a manufacturer that meets your needs where you, the customer, gets the right focus.

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