Product development

We help you all the way from idea to product, as well as the production and management.

We use a development portal for sharing documents, information and results on your project.
Product requirement is broken down into different areas of expertise such as software, electronics and mechanics and then formed into appropriate sized work packages within each area. To ensure that work is done efficiently and that the result is optimized, we use agile methodologies, which means that:

  • The customer involved throughout the process
  • Ongoing dialogue enables that the original target may change during the Project
  • Rapid prototyping and continuous feedback ensures that the right goals are achieved
  • Change of requirements and target scenarios causes only a minimal cost and time loss

Project Management

Our project managers follows up on how the project and the various work packages are progressing by:

  • Status reports
  • Decision logs

Any deviations are handled by adding working groups that focus on solving problems, alternatively, develop a plan B to ensure that the project progresses and reaches its target.

From development to production

We will help you produce and maintain the product during the product life cycle, one of the fundamentals of our business model. We have selected a number of contractors where we coordinate our customers volym demands, which create economical advantages by scale. Strategic components we source directly from the manufacturer.

We start production with NPI (New Product Introduction) before we move into mass production. Everything in order to be able to handle initial samples and start the change management. Traceability is a requirement throughout the entire process.

Long-term relationships provide better profitability for all parties

Our intention is always to create a long-term relationship and a better profitability for both the customer and supplier. Our commitment to grow with your needs.

Let's discuss your ideas.

Henrik Leon

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