Axiomtek Kiwi310 2

1.8-inch Embedded Board

KIWI3101.8" SBC with Intel® Celeron® Processor N3350, Micro HDMI, 1 GbE LAN, 2 USB 3.2 and 40-pin GPIO...

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Ultra-Compact Machine Vision System for Smart Manufacturing


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Lighttouch Combined Da1

Light Touch - New touch panel “Long life”

Flush surface design Maintains clear flat input surface of customer’s products and supports waterproof performance. Aperture and other glass finishing features are available. FID-1300 series utilizes ...

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Self-payment & Kiosk

MODUS 3 - Small footprint kiosk printer Ultra compact thermal printer to meet the needs of slim-line kiosks without sacrificing features and functionality. MODUS 3 joins all the features of a self se...

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Handdatorer Into

Rugged Mobile Computers

Bar code scanner & NFC reader Seamless integration with HF RFID readers, NFC and different types of 1D/2D Barcode Scanner that is able to scan barcodes in both indoor and outdoor environment. Often...

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Dura Vision Fdf2711 W Ip F Homecontents En

Stream video directly from multiple IP cameras without a PC or other hardware.

Video DecodingThe DuraVision FDF2711W-IP can decode H.265 (HEVC), as well as H.264 and MJPEG codecs, displaying them in real time for assessing any situation quickly. In addition, the decoding technol...

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Circuit Board Globe Design 1947174

Längre ledtider på elektronik

Vi kan alla läsa i många olika nyhetsmedier att det är ett stort tryck på IC-wafers produktionskapacitet från 2019 och början av 2020. Mycket driven av ny teknik som efterfrågas på marknaden, 5G-nätve...

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Aie800 904 Fl Front Ant

AI system for outdoor use

AIE800-904-FL is a robust Artificial Intelligence (AI) embedded system. This AI inference system adopts the NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier™ NX platform which has a powerful 6-core NVIDIA Carmel ARM® v8.2...

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Medical Opto



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Opb735 Hero Image


Woking, UK, 17 March 2021 - TT Electronics, a global provider of engineered electronics for performance critical applications, today announced its new OPB735 series Reflective Object Sensors for the m...

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Coverlens Ny Da1

Affärsdriven Ekonomichef till Martinsson Elektronik

Om rollen I rollen som Ekonomichef kommer du att vara en viktig person i Martinsson Elektroniks fortsatta tillväxtresa och det är därför viktigt att du förutom din gedigna kunskap inom redovisning ...

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2 Monitors With Emg Knob V1

Rostfria Panel PC för tuffa miljöer

W10IB3S-SPH1-B 10.1” Stainless B Series Panel PC FeaturesIntel® Celeron® N2930 (2M Cache, up to 2.16 GHz)Fanless cooling systemSUS 316/ AISI 316 stainless steel for food and chemical industries Fu...

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Air Touch Public Environment Mask Da1 002

Air Touch Technology for projected Capacitance Touch Panel

Single finger Air Touch and multi-finger touch functions Since the electrode area of the self-capacitance sensing technology is large, the electrostatic field is strong, which is s...

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M660 Pl Webbsize Gui V1

Standardplattformar som tar din produkt hela vägen


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Edt Long Lt Hb

Long Lifetime Hig Brightness Displays

The design aims to produce less heat and can be optimizing the thermal dissipation performance of the backlight system. In additional, these series TFT modules can achieve long lifetime at high bright...

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Edt Ips Mva Displays Redigerad

Excellent viewing angel - IPS and MVA TFT Moudles


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Edt Ml13 Series Touch Function


With the increasing demands from the market, the segment that this product targets on is to provide protection and safety for security system, industrial application and outdoor products. For this sta...

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Edt Handskar

G/G/G Structure for High Sensitivity Touch

The structure consists of three layers of glass, and hence been coined the name of G/G/G. It is capable of adding a thick cover lens of 3mm up to 8mm. This feature makes these touch panels very good c...

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Custom Genius

PC POS for Android/Linux/Windows

Unique, ultra compact and feature-rich PC POS equipped with an innovative touch customer display for digital signature capture (available only in the Android version). Superior performance and Italia...

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Sensirion 2018 12 Ek F3X Cap A Def

Proximal Flow Sensor for Neonatal and Pediatric OEM Applications

The SFM3400 flow sensor features outstanding measurement accuracy and a short signal processing time as well as high robustness. The digital flow sensor measures bidirectional flow rates of up to 33 s...

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Mass Flow Meter Sfm3300

Proximal Flow Sensors (Autoclavable / washable or single-use)

The SFM3300 features outstanding measuring accuracy and robustness as well as a short signal processing time. The digital flow sensor measures bidirectional flow volumes of up to 250 slm and is fully ...

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Laird Sentrius

Wireless Sensors RS1xx Temperature and Humidity Sensors

Real World Success ComplianceMate partnered with Laird to supply and support SentriusTM RS1xx sensors and RG1xx gateways for their newest food safety compliance and temperature monitoring product ran...

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Data Image Round Display On White Gods 2 D 255X228

Vehicle Display

The applications not only applied to the general car but also motorcycle, industrial vehicle, agricultural vehicle, and golf cart. DATA IMAGE provides a full range of vehicle display solutions with it...

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Pin Type H

Digital Humidity Sensor SHT85 (RH/T)

The digital humidity sensor SHT85 is Sensirion’s best-in-class humidity sensor with a pin-type connector for easy integration and replacement. It builds on a highly accurate SHT3x sensor with long-ter...

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Laird Som

Laird - 60 Series SOM


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Sentirius Rm1Xx Lo Ra Ble Modules

Sentrius™ RM1xx LoRa + BLE Modules

RM1xx modules aggregate and transmit data from Bluetooth® Smart (BLE) devices and sensors over LoRaWAN to gateways as far as 15 km (~10 miles) away. This bridges the personal area network to the ...

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Ble 654

Laird - BL654 Series Modules

Powered by Nordic’s nRF52840 silicon, the small form factor BL654 modules, DVKs and USB Dongle provide for a secure, robust BLE and Cortex -M4F CPU for any OEM’s product design. The BL654 provides you...

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Sensirion Humidity Shtc3 Axy89

Digital Humidity Sensor SHT3x (RH/T)

The SHT3x builds on a completely new and optimized CMOSens® chip, which allows for increased reliability and improved accuracy specifications. The SHT3x offers a range of new features, such as enhance...

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Neocortec Banner Products 1 568X412

NeoMesh. Wireless connectivity made simple.

Simplicity is the key to the technology: NeoCortec is offering a professional, agile, scalable, and ultra low power wireless connectivity solution with very few limitations and a strong focus ...

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Shutterstock 272484350

HAPTIVITY® - Virtual reality for mechanical button feeling

Kyoceras HAPTIVITY® technology now enables the simulation of a real mechanical button by a distinctive surface vibration.Haptics are a complex interaction of information provided from several nerves...

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Smart Embedded Illustration Edt

Smart Embedded


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Sensirion Multi Pixel Gas

Multi-Pixel Gas Sensors SGP

Sensirion’s MOXSens® Technology provides the SGP with an unmatched robustness against contamination by siloxanes resulting in unique long-term stability and accuracy. The SGP further combines multiple...

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Sensirion Gas Scd30 300Dpi

CO2 and RH/T Sensor Module

CMOSens® Technology for IR detection enables highly accurate carbon dioxide measurement at a competitive price. Along with the NDIR measurement technology for CO2 detection, a best-in-class Sensirion ...

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Sensirion Particulate Matter 300Dpi

Particulate Matter Sensor SPS30

The SPS30 particulate matter (PM) sensor represents a new technological breakthrough in optical PM sensors. Its measurement principle is based on laser scattering and makes use of Sensirion's innovati...

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Opb9000 13

Reflective sensor

The OPB9000, under the OPTEK brand, is suitable for a variety of applications including: industrial printing, dispensing, manufacturing automation, safety and security devices, portable lab/medica...

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Article Tsl


Chipet känner av in de olika färgerna som motsvarar känsligheten hos det mänskliga ögat. Vanliga ljussensorer svarar på infrarött och ultravioletta våglängder utöver synligt ljus. Detta kan skapa fela...

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Article Sensirion


Sensorerna kan detektera så små tryckskillnader som 0,1 Pa + 3 %. Produktfamiljen kan delas in i de med digital och de med analog-utgång.Sensorerna är färdigkalibrerade från fabrik och en stor fö...

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Magneter Samlade


AMS sensorerna är direkt anpassade till marknader som Industri, Medicinsk, Robotar, Automotive och Konsument elektronik. AMS har en unik patenterad teknik att känna av magnetfält vilket gör AMS magnet...

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Vit 0081 Nyhetsbrev Toppbild 2

Marincertifierade produkter

Dessa högkvalitativa marina displayer har mycket god läsbarhet dag som natt. Genom extern dimming dämpas ljusstyrkan nattetid och de särskilda solljusdisplayerna med antireflexbehandlat skyddsglas ger...

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Martinsson fick uppdraget

Arcoma ville uppdatera sitt nuvarande röntgensystem "Precision" där det fanns behov ett nytt modernt användargränssnitt. Martinsson fick uppdraget att utveckla mjukvaran  samt leve...

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Bl600 St

Enkel integration av BLE

Den gör det möjligt för sensorer att fristående kommunicera mot befintlig infrastruktur. Användningsområden återfinns bland annat inom e-hälsa, energimätare, belysning, säkerhet samt bil- och processi...

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Sensirion Humidity

Fuktsensorers nytta

The SHT1x was the first digital, calibrated, reflow-solderable humidity sensor (launched in 2001) and marked the beginning of a new category of humidity sensors.Sensirion's latest product innovations ...

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Vit 0095 45 M10145 W8

Industriella surfplattor

Last year Winmate introduced the thin, lightweight M101B and M101H, Windows-based tablets built for extreme environments. With increasing customer interest in Android as an alternative platform for us...

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Vit 0096 Ftp 68 E

Nya skrivarlösningar

Fujitsu Components has used its years of experience in the field of thermal printing to develop the FTP-68E thermal printer. The FTP-68E is a versatile printer, which has been designed to accommodate ...

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Ny displayleverantör

Du kan välja mellan displayer som är kostnadsoptimerade, standarddisplayer, displayer med hög prestanda, displayer med utökade betaraktningsvinklar eller med hög ljusstyrka. Utöver det erbjuder vi att...

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Grid-EYE Sensor array

Grid-EYE is able to measure actual temperature and temperature gradients, providing thermal images. It is easily possible to detect multiple persons, identify positions and direction of movement, almo...

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Nodejs New Pantone Black

Serverimplementationer i NodeJS

Kort om NodeJS Node är en runtime-miljö för Javascript (js). Det betyder att Node tillåter att man kör js program på samma sätt som man tidigare har kört exempelvis Python program. Node tillhandahå...

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Bmw Cluster

Displayer från Kyocera i BMW


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Article Display

Att integrera en display


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Volvo S60 Cluster Display

Volvo prisar Kyocera

Den officiella prisutdelningen ägde rum på Volvo Personvagnar i Göteborg den 18 december. Kyocera levererar de programmerbara instrumentdisplayerna som är inbyggda i de senaste Volvo modellerna S60 o...

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Article Crem Int

Modules - a trend

The automotive industry changed a long time ago and today consists of assembly lines where they handed over both the development and deliveries to the suppliers of the functions and building elem...

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