Martinsson develops heat pump control

Danfoss Heat Pumps hired Martinsson to develop the next generation heat pump control system.

The purpose of the project was to develop a modern user interface and control system for heat pumps. Display and control card would be mechanically mounted as a module product in the front of the heat pump. The control system would also be designed to be integrated into a larger infrastructure with a connection to the cloud to collect and read data from external services.

The product was first launched in the real estate heat pump Mega during Q4, 2015.

The product has been well received by our customers. There has been an urgent need for a more efficient product with enhanced functionality in this power class

says CEO of Danfoss Heat Pumps AB. 

An important goal in the development process has been to achieve a low product and assembly cost, where the module can easily be installed into the heat pump, tested and ready to be used. Martinsson now manufactures and supplies that panel to Danfoss production unit.

The product is based on Martinsson's RISC platforms. The EDT display has the latest Projective Capacitive Touch with one of the manufacturer mounted larger coverslips in front of the display.

The development project has been conducted efficiently according to the agile development model that has enabled us in the application software to implement features that have exceeded the user's expectations.

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