Martinsson develops a sensor solution for measuring air quality

Swegon chose Martinsson to develop a new air quality sensor in order to replace an older design.

The aim of the project was to, based on the AMS VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) sensor, develop a solution that, with electrically compatible interfaces, could directly replace their former sensor that went EOL (end of Life).

The Product was launched Q2, 2017.

The Product works according to our expectations and meets the requirments we set. 

says R&D engineer at Swegon.

The product is based on Martinsson's RISC platform and sensor technology we offer. Martinsson manufactures and supplies the air quality sensor to Swegon production unit.

The development project has been conducted efficiently according to the agile development model that has enabled us to implement features that have met Swegon's expectations in the application software.

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