About Martinsson Elektronik

Martinsson Elektronik was founded in 1970 and has extensive experience in the electronics industry.


Improved functionality - Easier to use


Martinsson offers a niche product range where we focus in product areas such as Displays, Embedded Systems, Sensors and Wireless. Our product managers will help you choose the right product and customize it to meet your specific needs. We work with leading suppliers to ensure our customers' needs for quality and delivery precision.

Customized Products

With our development team, we create user interfaces and control systems, sensors and IoT solutions optimized based on function, design and manufacturability. Our mutual focus is on total cost, ie the cost of the product life cycle. The goal is to develop products that create competitive advantages for our customers.


Our production and assembly takes place primarily at contractors in Eastern Europe and Asia where we assemble PCBs, components, and mechanics into a finished product. Our customers receive a product that is tested, customized and ready for delivery to production or end user. Easier purchasing, maintenance and deliveries takes less of our customers resources.

Product range

Continuously developing and adjusting our product range to our customers' needs and with the knowledge and competence for improving customer satisfaction Martinsson will be a strategic partner.

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