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Fujitsu Components has used its years of experience in the field of thermal printing to develop the FTP-68E thermal printer.

The FTP-68E is a versatile printer, which has been designed to accommodate the demands of the medical as well as the banking market and kiosk market for A4 sized thermal printers.

The FTP-68E printer features a flexible printing width of 210mm, which can be easily extended to 216mm.

To accommodate the market needs, Fujitsu has created two versions of the FTP-68E, offering the customer a choice between 203 or 305dpi depending upon the need and application. The design of the FTP-68E also incorporates two sensors: one black mark sensor and one sensor for the detection of medical paper. The printer features an easy paper loading system (with lock) to facilitate easy and quick paper loading and simple maintenance.

The small size of just 262.0 x 55.2 x 28.6mm makes this printer easy to integrate while still offering Fujitsu’s sturdily designed frame. The low noise level, reliability, easy handling features and small size make the FTP-68E printer a perfect solution for medical applications (such as EEG and ECG), measuring equipment, airline self-vending tickets and specialised kiosk solutions.

The FTP-68E printer is the perfect solution for all A4 sized thermal printing requirements.

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