Mini Widescreen Panel PC

Axiomtek's mini all-in-one widescreen touch panel PCs are perfect for retail, gaming, public transport, access control systems and many more applications. Its slim, compact and lightweight design is the best prerequisites for installation in a wide range of applications, especially when there is insufficient space.


8.8" Fanless PCAP Touch Panel PC with Intel® Celeron®

  • 8.8" LCD display
  • Resolution 1280x320
  • Bar type PCAP display
  • Add-on option: NFC, RFID
  • Supports on-screen NFC/RFID tapping

Specifications Pt808


5.5" Fanless PCAP Touch Panel PC with Intel® Celeron® processor N3350

  • 5.5" LCD display
  • Resolution 1280x720
  • Stunning IPS PCAP touchscreen
  • Add-on option: NFC, RFID
  • Landscape and portrait orientation

Specifications Pt805

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Pt808 Front And Back With Gui M