Light Touch - New touch panel “Long life”

A film-glass construction resistive touch panel with light input load and flush surface structure. Decorative patterns are available, including multi-color graphics. Required input force is less than a half of conventional resistive touch panels. The panel allows improved design of user’s products as well as offering light input force nearly identical to projected capacitive touch panels with benefit of secure resistive input method.

Flush surface design
Maintains clear flat input surface of customer’s products and supports waterproof performance. Aperture and other glass finishing features are available. FID-1300 series utilizes 4-wire resistive method, and FID-1520 series utilizes 5-wire resistive method.

Light input load
We achieve reliable input and smooth slide/flick operations with less than half the input force of conventional touch panels. Direct print on the top ITO film and eliminating a cover film helps to lower input force.

Long life
FID-1300 series (4-wire) offers minimum 1 million touches in a single location. FID-1520 (5-wire) offers minimum 10 million touches.

Various input methods
Operable with fingers, gloved fingers, wet fingers, pen, stylus pen.

2-point input, enlarge/shrink gesture available
2-point input, enlarge/shrink, rotation (FID-1300 series only) is available with Dual Touch Control board.

Custom design available
Customization is available on anti fingerprint, anti reflection, glass thickness, total light transmittance, haze, FPC placement and length.


Vital Monitor, Bed-side Monitor, Blood Analyzer, ECG, Medication Dispenser, Laser, Ophthalmology, X ray, Imaging devices, Ultrasonic diagnostic device

Secure and Safe operation for mission critical application
EMI issue are critical in hospital environment. Resistive touch panels have an excellent noise immunity and have a minimum noise radiation.

“Push and Move"
Resistive technology is the most adapted when the usage conditions are not fixed: with or without glove, through cover, with wet hand and insuring no accidental detection.

Factory automation, Tool machine control, HMI.

Best for Stable and Safe Operation

EMI issues: In factories the motors of the various machine, the soldering devices etc..generate a lot of electrical noise.

Gloves: Workers will ware different type of protection gloves.

Liquid spray: Lubricants droplet may be spread around.

Resistive panel having high immunity to EMI, being unaffected by liquid spray and reacting to all input (any kind of gloves or bare finger) without any specific tuning are the most adapted to this environment.


ECR, Internal kiosk Hospitality, Scales

Measuring Devices
Oscilloscope, Chemistry, Food analyzer, Spectroscopy.

FID-1100 Series 4-wire light touch panels

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