Non-contact touch technology

New demands in hygiene calls for new innovations within touch technology for public displays! Air touch technology is when the system clearly can distinguish the two states of hovering and touching. The current floating touch technology includes two types of technologies; capacitive and infrared sensing. We mainly focus on projected capacitive sensing technology to achieve Air Touch for public displays.

Single finger Air Touch and multi-finger touch functions

Since the electrode area of the self-capacitance sensing technology is large, the electrostatic field is strong, which is suitable for the development of Air Touch functions.

Because mutual capacitance sensing technology has a small electrode area and a large number of electrodes, its electrostatic field is weak, and it is suitable for the development of a multi-finger touch function on the panel surface that requires high positioning accuracy.

Introduction of water tolerance characteristics of projected capacitor technology

With tap or rainwater on the panel surface, Air TOUCH can still operate normally


Any type of water on the panel surface will interfere Air TOUCH function

Air Touch GUI Button Area Design Requirements

Since the average finger area is about 1.5cm in diameter, so when performing Air Touch operation, it will induce about 3 Pitch electrodes at the same time, so there will be a coordinate output deviation of 1.8cm.

The increase in Sensor Pitch will increase the Air Touch control distance. Demonstrations have been done with pretty accurate operation up to 10cm away from sensor, but for public and industrial implementations about 5cm accurate operation is more realistic.

In order to avoid the problem of false touch caused by coordinate deviation, for the area design of GUI Button, the length and width must be greater than 2cm.

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